Translation Services

Whether you need a document, a website or even a menu translated, our no frills quality service ensures that our translators are ready to deliver accurate translations – no added project management or administration fees are involved.  Our aim is to keep our translation rates low through minimal overhead costs.

We will issue you with a quotation for translations at the beginning of a project. Rates quoted will depend on the:

  • Number of source words (price per word)

At its simplest, translation is the process of converting content from a source language to a target language. In other words, the source language is the original language of the document that you wish to submit for translation. The main factor that determines the cost of a translation is the number of source words in the document.

  • Language pair

Our pricing is also dependent on the language pair. The language pair includes the source language as well as the target language or the language into which the document will be translated.

  • Delivery time

The delivery time is also a key component affecting pricing.  Although we will ensure that resources are available and quality maintained, projects that are of an urgent nature and which require shorter delivery times than our standard schedules, will incur 50% higher charges.